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Prescription drug offenses in Lubbock are serious. There are several real issues that experienced drug lawyers on a constant basis. First, there are those individuals who have prescription drugs who simply do not have the prescription for them.

In other words, they are not their prescription drugs. A Lubbock prescription drug lawyer sees a lot of that in areas such as the Texas Tech students and the prescription drugs such as Adderall that are basically used as a speed drug to help the kids or students be able to stay up all night and study for exams.

Abusing Medicine

Lubbock prescription drug lawyers have seen cases where doctors have issued narcotics. Other opioids and other drugs in an attempt to try to prevent somebody from suffering pain. However, there have been instances of abusing these prescription drugs. People who become addicted and begin abusing a prescription drug this way are not legally considered drug dealers. It can happen to anyone in the community. It can be hard for everyday people to wean off of such strong drugs. Therefore there is a risk with pain medication for injuries such as massive migraine headaches and knee pain.

Unlawful Prescription Possession

There are many instances of Texas Tech students or other individuals being caught with other people’s prescription drugs. It is illegal in the state of Texas to possess a prescription drug without a valid prescription. Giving someone an OxyContin that is not prescribed for them is a criminal offense in Lubbock County and any place else in Texas. Even if it is for any pain they are experiencing. It could be the possession of a dangerous drug, which could be a misdemeanor. Or it could be a felony case as well, the possession.

If the district attorney’s office wanted to prosecute the case. It could be considered possession with the intent to deliver because deliver does not always have to mean a financial money. Giving a drug to someone else is enough under the delivery statute. There does not have to be a change of money so that somebody is actually paid for it. If an individual should ever be accused of sharing their medication with someone else. They should contact a Lubbock prescription drug lawyer.

Role of Prescription Drugs in Lubbock

Prescription drug offenses in Virginia are a priority for Lubbock law enforcement. Abuse of prescriptions becoming more and more common in the medical area, and so individuals will do what we call doctor shopping. In other words, a criminal offense is when or if an individual sees one doctor for a prescription then sees another doctor with the intent to add more to the prescription or prescriptions. The Department of Public Safety has an investigative arm that is now seriously looking at this type of criminal offenses.

Accidental Arrests

Someone can get arrested for having prescription drugs on them that they were not aware of. Lubbock prescription drug lawyers have seen cases where the individual simply does not have their prescribed pill in the bottle or have the prescription on them. The district attorney, the Lubbock police department, the Texas Tech police department, or another agency within Lubbock can arrest and charge them with the possession of the illegal drug. Attorneys often recommend people carry the actual prescription or prescription pill bottle on them to avoid being stopped by the police.

Proof of Prescription

If someone has a legal prescription, they will not be charged. Often, the charge is not the initial emergency, it is the arrest. Even if a person has been arrested there is no guarantee that they are going to be found guilty. If they have a prescription and they get pulled over or if they have interaction with law enforcement and the police officer arrests them. That is what is going to be on their background checks. It is going to show up. It is going to put the mug shot picture up on all these entities such as Lubbock Avalanche-Journal and the various news stations that publish them.

There are a lot of things the officer could have done, but in their over eagerness simply did not do. The officer could not have made the arrest, they are could have checked with the pharmacy. Having help from a Lubbock prescription drug lawyer may be beneficial to the outcome of your case.