Lubbock Drug Trends and Enforcement

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There are a number of local laws that are enforced in Lubbock that can affect drug crimes cases. With that said the most common offense charged is possession of a controlled substance. Where an individual is using or possessing the drug by themselves. Beyond that, the next most common is possession with intent to deliver, which carries an additional degree of penalties to those charged.

Additionally, marijuana possession has become a much more frequently charged offense that, although legalized in other places, still carries serious penalties in Texas. Due to the serious repercussions for each of these offenses and the seriousness with which they are treated, anyone charged with a drug related offense is encouraged to seek the counsel of an experienced, and knowledgeable Lubbock drug lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can build a strong defense to help minimize or dismiss any potential penalties associated with your Lubbock drug trends and enforcement charge.

Drug Charge Trends

A common drug charge in Lubbock occurs when an individual brings back marijuana-infused candies into the state. This can occur when a person goes to a state that has legalized marijuana. An individual buys marijuana-infused food and candies. What happens is that the manufacturer takes the THC, infuses it into the candy, and then, under Texas law, that candy now becomes a controlled substance. Depending on the weight of the candy, and an individual may be facing severe penalties.

There are sometimes cases where an individual may travel to Colorado or Washington and buy a candy bar that may have only 0.5 nanograms of marijuana in it. However, in Texas, that candy bar weighs more than four grams, so that charge becomes a second-degree felony.

Severity of the Crime

There are two things that a prosecutor will consider when charging a drug crime in Lubbock. The first is actual possession. Law enforcement cracks down on a possession charge with the intent to deliver any time there is a movement of a drug into Lubbock.

If Lubbock law enforcement begins to see an influx of heroin. For example, then they will focus on the heroin because it is the current danger to the public. Over the last few years, there has been a heavy target on drugs such as bath salts and synthetic marijuana. Known as K2. Further, law enforcement officers are always working on some sort of narcotic sting that may be occurring. Or the undercover sale of narcotics.

Intimidation of the Drug Charge

Many of the common drug charges in Lubbock carry a social stigma as well as a high range of punishment. If someone has as little as one-tenth of a gram, the charge still qualifies as a felony in Lubbock. If a person is convicted of that. They would suffer a penalty that may impact both their personal and professional lives for years to come. Because of that intimidation, an individual should not hesitate before contacting a lawyer.

Constitutional Issues

There are a handful of constitutional issues that may arise in Lubbock drug trends and enforcement cases. An individual may encounter a constitutional issue on whether the police officer was authorized to stop and search them. Either in their vehicle or in their home.

An attorney will examine any constitutional challenges that they can make to elements of the case. Such as the presence of a search warrant.


Benefit of an Attorney

An individual should contact an attorney as soon as they know that they have been charged or are being investigated for a drug crime in Lubbock. There are things that a lawyer can do, even before a client has been arrested, that might minimize the charge or protect challenges to constitutional and statutory violations.

It is important that an individual does not hesitate in securing legal representation after understanding they are the target of a Lubbock drug investigation.