Benefits of Working with a Lubbock Volume Dealer Attorney

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Any type of drug charge can result in legal consequences upon conviction. Some charges are considered more severe than others. A person who is accused of selling large volumes of an illegal substance may face significant legal penalties.

If you were accused of such an offense, it could be extremely advantageous to consider the benefits of working with a Lubbock volume dealer attorney. A diligent volume dealer lawyer could assess the factors surrounding your case and work to establish a credible legal defense strategy. Call today and arrange for an appointment to begin reviewing your potential legal options.

The Frequency of Volume Dealer Charges

In Lubbock, it is relatively common for a person to be charged with a drug offense. A volume dealer offense, however, may place a person at risk for incurring severe legal penalties following a conviction. The supply of a certain drug typically revolves around the demand for the substance. There were years when methamphetamine surfaced frequently in drug arrests. But more currently, there seems to be a rise in fentanyl cases. In most cases, the type of illegal substance sold is not the deciding factor for a volume dealer charge. Instead, the main determinant is generally the amount of the substance being allegedly sold.

When a person is charged with this type of offense, it is important for them to obtain qualified legal representation immediately. Volume dealer charges are severe offenses, and a person could incur years in prison if they are convicted. One of the benefits of working with a Lubbock volume dealer attorney is that they could advocate on the accused individual’s behalf in court and help fight the charges.

Challenges Commonly Involved in Volume Dealer Cases

Depending on the specifics of the case and where the alleged incident occurs, a person could be put on trial in federal court. This often complicates the case, and a person who attempts to handle their case without a lawyer may find themselves substantially at a disadvantage. Volume dealer offenses are also commonly complicated by firearm offenses. Gun charges compounded with volume dealer accusations could increase both the severity of the penalties a person may face in court.

A lawyer who is familiar with the elements of a volume dealer case could review the facts. And potentially dispute the method in which the alleged evidence was found. In some high volume drug cases, law enforcement employs confidential informants. A skilled attorney could dispute the informant’s credibility. If this argument is successful, it could positively influence a person’s case.

Consider the Benefits of Working with a Volume Dealer Lawyer in Lubbock

A conviction for a volume dealer charge could allow a person to incur lengthy prison sentences and costly fines. Someone who has been charged with such an offense should think about the benefits of working with a Lubbock volume dealer attorney. These types of charges will generally not resolve themselves. However, aggressively building a defense and reviewing potential legal strategies could significantly improve a person’s chances in court. Therefore, call and schedule an appointment to start discussing legal strategies that may be effective for your case.