License After a First-Offense DUI in Lubbock

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There are many things that can happen to an individual’s license after facing a first-offense DUI charge in Lubbock. It is important to note that just because they are convicted on a first-offense DUI does not mean that their license will be suspended.

If you are seeking information about what may happen to your license after a first-offense DUI conviction in Lubbock. It is important to obtain legal representation. An experienced first-offense DUI lawyer in Lubbock can help you best understand how to maintain or recover your license if it has been suspended.

License Suspension

If a person gets a conviction for a first-offense DWI, receives probation, and that person has never had their license suspended for alcohol in the past, then they are required to an AOP or an Alcohol Offender Program class. This class typically lasts for 12 hours. As long as an individual does this within the first 120 days of probation, their driver’s license will not be suspended again.

A person cannot challenge a license suspension after a conviction. This is something that has to be done before the suspension is finalized. It is important for an individual to know the sequence of legal events involved to accurately anticipate what will happen to their license after a first-offense Lubbock DUI charge.

Underage Suspension

If an individual is under the age of 21 and receive a DUI conviction. Then their license will be suspended because of their age. That suspension is for a period of one year, however, interlock is required as the condition of probation.

This could be for as little as 90 days but, under a new statute, could extend to several years. If a person has an interlock in their vehicle, they can get an occupational license.

A minor will typically face a one-year suspension, having an ignition interlock device in the vehicle, and obtaining an occupational license.

Applying for a Restricted License

A person can obtain an occupational driver’s license or an essential need driver’s license if they qualify. An individual will most likely have their license suspended if they had a prior in the past. Had a prior administrative alcohol suspension, or plead guilty for some short amount of jail time and first probation.

An attorney can utilize the occupational driver’s license statute if they put an interlock device in the vehicle. If a person has an interlock device in their vehicle. The court shall not restrict a person’s ability to drive as far as they would like. As long as the person has the interlock, they should be good to go.

In any circumstance, it is important that an individual discuss this option with their attorney in order to know what to expect to happen to their license after a first-offense DUI charge in Lubbock.

Retrieving a License After an Acquittal

If a person is acquitted of the charge, the Department of Public Safety must remove that suspension from the person’s driver’s license unless they give them their license back. They would authorize a person to go down and get a new driver’s license.

If a person is found not guilty, the restrictions are taken off of the civil driver’s license. This is important to note for individuals with CDLs, normally truck drivers. Who cannot last with a year long suspension, for example. They may be taken back to a jury a few months later. Found not guilty, and are able to drive again.

No matter the circumstance, it is important that an individual consult with an attorney to know exactly what to expect to happen to their license after facing a DUI charge in Lubbock.