Mistakes to Avoid in a First-Time Lubbock DUI Charge

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There are many mistakes that an individual should avoid in a first-time DUI offense. They should first ensure, from the beginning, that they understand the defense strategy, and that there are 15-day deadlines that must be met.

To understand any further mistakes that an individual should avoid when facing their first-offense Lubbock DUI charge, it is important they contact an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced DUI lawyer in Lubbock can craft a defense to help minimize any potential consequences an individual may face as a result of their charge.

Challenging the Blood Test

In Lubbock County, every time there is a blood test, the person arrested for the DWI is taken to UMC University of Medical Center Hospital to draw blood.

Sometimes, nurses make mistakes when drawing blood. Law enforcement may also make mistakes, and there may be issues with the actual drug test. An experienced attorney may be able to document pre-analytical error in the way that the blood was drawn, the way that it was protected, and multiple other things.

An attorney may issue a subpoena for the video of the blood test being administered. There will be a hearing, receive an order from the court. Have about 20-25 days from that day of the arrest until that security tape is written over. It is important to avoid the mistake of missing a deadline in a first-time Lubbock DUI case, especially with video surveillance, as that can serve the client with severe consequences.

Keeping Deadlines

There are many potential deadlines regarding mitigation. There may be other deadlines, for example, if an attorney must re-test the blood. This can help to determine if someone may have slipped something. Such as a Rohypnol type or a GHB, that should be tested for in an independent lab test.

An individual must understand what the deadlines are in their case as to avoid any potential mistakes that may arise.

Severity of the Charge

Individuals must also realize that a first-offense DWI in Lubbock is quite severe. A DUI conviction on a first offense can carry substantial consequences. A person may get a fine of up to $6,000 just as a civil infraction to keep their driver’s license because of that conviction. There are multiple penalties present in a Lubbock first-offense DUI charge.

Benefit of Experienced Counsel

Some lawyers may not have the experience in the science behind a DWI defense. Do not study the blood, are not trained in these types of cases, and cannot craft effective defense strategies. It is important that an individual contact a knowledgeable attorney. As to avoid any mistakes present in their first-offense Lubbock DUI charge.

When facing such a charge, an individual can not afford to be represented by a subpar attorney. Only a lawyer that has vast experience in handling a DUI charge should be called to represent an accused individual. A seasoned attorney can work to gather the elements of the claim, and build a strong defense to help their client avoid any potential mistakes that may arise in their Lubbock first-offense DUI case.