Intimidating Aspects of a Lubbock DUI Charge

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There are several things that make Lubbock DUI charges so intimidating. If a person is arrested for DWI and an attorney knows that the district attorney’s office is aggressive in their prosecution, then it is difficult to get the charge reduced or dismissed. This often gives the client a lot of concern, because if an individual is convicted of a DUI, it is on the client’s permanent record.

Although it can be intimidating to face a DUI charge in Lubbock, it can be made easier with the assistance of a Lubbock DUI lawyer. An experienced attorney can build a case to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties associated with your charge.

Permanency of a Conviction

A conviction means that this crime is on a person’s record for the rest of their life. A criminal conviction is not something where after a period of time it is removed from the record. If the person has a conviction for a DUI in Lubbock, it can be intimidating that the charge will remain on the person’s record for the rest of their life.

The permanency of the charge can be used to enhance or increase extra punishment. It also becomes an issue dealing with employment. Almost every employer will run a background check before they hire an employee, and many are required to under the law. This can impact an individual’s life in the long-term, which is why a Lubbock DUI charge is often so intimidating.

Background Checks

For careers that require professional licenses, such as plumbers, background checks must be done. There is currently a bill in the legislature that requires a landlord to run criminal background checks, while many already do.

There is a real concern surrounding employment after facing a DUI charge, and a social stigma can result from the charge as well. Nobody wants their name and reputation to be associated with drunk driving. In addition to that, if the person is convicted of a DUI. The person could lose their right to operate a motor vehicle for a minimum of 90 days. All of these potential consequences combined can be incredibly overwhelming for any individual charged with a DUI in Lubbock.

Losing the Ability to Drive

If the person gives a blood or breath test and the result is over 0.08. Or if the person refuses to give a blood or breath test. They lose that privilege to drive for 180 days. If the person has ever had a prior suspension of their driver’s license. Those penalties can be enhanced to a one-year or a two-year suspension. In most places, especially in West Texas and South Texas, but also Lubbock. It is difficult to get around on public transportation.

Currently, it is a bit easier with apps such as Uber, but it is still difficult to get around. Public transportation is not well defined in West Texas. Without the ability to drive, it may difficult to get to work and complete daily errands. Those are some of the things that make DUIs intimidating for people who are arrested in Lubbock.

Severity of the Charge

DUIs are often the most strictly enforced cases in Lubbock. As soon as an officer pulls an individual over and smells the odor of alcohol. They are going to remove the person from the vehicle and conduct a field sobriety test. They will most likely arrest this individual for a DUI.

Lubbock DUIs are strictly enforced both by law enforcement and the DA’s office. The DA’s office is less inclined to reduce or dismiss a Lubbock DUI than almost any other case in criminal law.

The district attorney’s office is prosecuting most DUIs. Especially if there are not any facts in the case that an attorney can find or mitigate for the client to try and reduce. Then, an attorney must determine whether or not the DA is going to offer a deal worth taking or whether the case will proceed to trial.