Benefit of a Lubbock Sex Crimes Lawyer

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Sex crime charges can be overwhelming to face alone. The difficulty of handling the charges coupled with the stigma of the charges can be difficult to handle alone. However, the legal guidance of a compassionate sex crimes lawyer can help. One of the benefits of a Lubbock sex crimes lawyer is that they will be in your corner. And can work diligently to protect you, and advocate for your rights. If you have been charged with a sex crime. Get in touch with an attorney who can build you a solid defense.

First Steps in a Sex Crime Case

The first thing a lawyer will want to do in a case is to talk to the defendant or the person accused. And get as many witnesses as they can find. If there are any names and addresses and then tracking those people down and trying to gather statements. The attorney might look into where the two parties had been on the day or that evening around the time of the alleged offense. And try to subpoena videos from local restaurants. Their bars if those were involved, to just try to get video of the behavior between the two parties during the day or the evening of the alleged offense. It is another reason why it is important to get on the case as soon as possible. Because establishments often destroy incriminating videos.

They will work hard gathering as much evidence as they can sifting through it and trying to find what evidence is beneficial for the defendant and make sure they preserve it in a way that it would be admissible in court later on. One of the things an attorney might ask is why, the accuser is accusing the person of committing a sex crime, and what they know about it. One of the benefits of a Lubbock sex crimes lawyer is that they are likely someone with decades of experience handling criminal cases and dealing with judges, which means they are likely to know which defenses are more likely to work.

Qualities to Look For in an Attorney

An experienced attorney will do a thorough investigation from the beginning and will be there for the person every step of the process. Also, a lawyer should strive to keep the person they are working with updated and well-informed.

One of the benefits of a Lubbock sex crimes lawyer that works for a private law firm is that they have way more resources than a public defender. A private firm usually has more support staff than a public defender so a lot of more menial work does not take up their time. Their time can be spent more on focusing on a particular defendant in communicating with that defendant and in investigating their case.

Trust is an important aspect in a client-attorney relationship. Which is why an individual should work with a lawyer that they trust. It is always important in any criminal case. If the defendant does not trust the attorney then the defendant is probably not going to disclose important facts to that attorney. Usually knowing the correct facts is really important to creating a good defense and to track down the right witnesses.

Role of a Sex Crimes Attorney

The role of a defense attorney is to represent the defendant to the court. And to represent the defendant to the prosecutor and to try to figure out the facts of the case. And try to find the best defense for the defendants to the accusation. Also, the role of the defense attorney is to negotiate with the prosecutor. If that is what the defendant wants to see if it is possible to reach a plea bargain or a resolution outside of trial that the defendant would want to do. Then, if they get it to resolution, the defense attorney needs to represent the defendant at trial.

Hiring an Attorney

Witnesses tend to disappear, so it is important to try to get the help of an attorney right away. If a sexual assault happened one night. Then it is really important to try to get an attorney with an investigator on the case right away. So that witnesses can be tracked down and interviewed when their memory is still fresh and when they are easiest to get a hold of. You should contact a lawyer immediately and not talk to anyone until after you have contacted a lawyer.

A person can face probation and a probation can be anywhere from two to 10 years. But they can also be facing prison time and a standard sex assault is a second-degree felony which two to 20 years in prison. One of the many benefits of an experienced lawyer is that they will be aware of the potential penalties. And can work diligently to defend you against them. If you have been charged with a sex crime, contact an attorney today.