Lubbock Sex Crimes Investigations

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Lubbock sex crimes investigations are common in sex crime cases. Often, the prosecutors’ office or the police department will investigate early on. To try to track down witnesses and get their side of the story. That is part of why the defendant needs to get their own attorney and an investigator on the case to try to talk to witnesses. As well to figure out what the police are finding out and being told.

They also want to figure out what they are actually telling the police. Because sometimes the police can set their own filter on somebody’s words. And the defendant probably wants their own copy of any written statements that the witness is making. In Lubbock, the police begin investigating right away and the defendant needs to be able to do the same thing. If you are being accused of a sex crime offense in Lubbock, an experienced sex crimes lawyer can help you evaluate the facts of your case.

Unique Aspects of Sex Crimes Investigations

Sex offenses are similar to assault cases because they often involve different perspectives of the incident in question. That of the defendant and the other of the accuser. Lubbock sex crimes investigations can be really difficult. And a lot of the investigation has to revolve around finding evidence to discredit the other person’s story. Or to try to build credibility with the party that an attorney represents which is the defendant for their firm.

For the investigation, they will try to find character witnesses that know the accuser. And know whether or not that accuser is somebody who has lied in the past or accused by people of things like this in the past. And they will try to figure out if one side or the other have ever really been found to make a false statement.

Involvement of Government Agencies

The police department would make that judgment call about beginning Lubbock sex crimes investigations. If there was any kind of an allegation even if from the get go they felt like the obligation was false and seemed to have no credibility. These cases are taken very seriously and they will not ignore an allegation. Usually, the local police department handles the investigation. At the hospital, there are nurses who are specially trained to do the examinations on people who are saying that they are a victim of the sex assault. The police usually encourage the individual to go to the hospital and then the hospital brings forward their own staffs that are specialized in doing sex assault examinations on a patient.

Types of Evidence

Usually, the first piece of evidence in Lubbock sex crimes investigations is DNA. So whoever the alleged victim is should go to the hospital and get an examination which typically involves the nurse looking at their privates and taking samples to see if they can find any DNA of the other person on them. Examination on the person’s body to see what physical harm was done, if any, also occurs.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

Local Lubbock attorneys will talk to a witness and know what evidence is relevant for Lubbock sex crimes investigations. They can help the individual gather and preserve the evidence for the trial. A person needs an experienced attorney that has handled these cases all the way up and through a trial so they know how to gather evidence and preserve it in a way that is going to make it useful and credible down the line when the case goes to trial.

Sometimes it can be a year or more before that evidence is actually used. Or presented to a jury so an experienced attorney would know how to get the evidence. And also keep it in a way such that it is ready to protect the defendant later on.