Lubbock Sex Offender Registry  

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Sex crimes are taken seriously in Lubbock. Individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes face severe penalties. One of these penalties includes registering for the Lubbock sex offender registry. The sex offender registry is often for all of Texas. It is a computer database with the names and current addresses of anybody accused and convicted of a sex offense. Anyone can access the information, which can have implications on someone’s  personal life, as well as their professional life. Because the consequences of being on the registry have such great impact, it is imperative that you contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer if you have been charged.

Why Someone Would Have to Register

Someone would be obligated to register for the Lubbock sex offender registry if that person has admitted guilt, admitted adjudicated on any kind of a sex offense like prostitution, possession of child pornography, sex assault, or if it is a case where either the person is convicted but the person does not have to be convicted to have to register. Adjudication is where the judge has found that there is enough evidence to find somebody guilty.

Length of Registry

How long an individual needs to stay on the registry depends on the level of the offense, but the person has to stay on the registry for the duration of the probation if the person is caught. Once the person is off of probation, they would probably have to stay on it for up to 10 years.  It is usually in terms of 10 years or life. Either the person has to do it for 10 years after they are done with their sentence or for the rest of their life.

If the person is out of prison, they can make parole. Once the person is released, they will be required to register. Even once the person is discharged from serving that sentence, the person could be required to register for anywhere up to 10 years. Some people in certain instances have to register for the rest of their lives.

Consequences of Being a Listed Sex Offender

The information is public. Being on the sex offender registry means that that offense is going to follow the person for the rest of their life; they are not going to ever have served the punishment and get to start over.  Someone’s status as a sex offender means they will face a lot of social stigmas and a lot of employers will not hire the person if they have any kind of a felony conviction. Even employers who would hire a felon might not hire somebody convicted of a sex offense. A one-time registration can impact where a person lives because there are restrictions on where somebody can live. If a person appealed and got their conviction overturned, the person could get removed from the Lubbock sex offender registry.

Contacting a Sex Offender Attorney

Being on the Lubbock sex offender registry can be stressful. As a registered sex offender, you have less access to opportunities in terms of housing, schooling, and employment. And you become a pariah in your community. The public nature of the registry means that the stigma is not allowed to die off. And you will perpetually be reminded of what has transpired. With so much at stake, working with a lawyer can be vital. An empathetic lawyer will examine the facts of the case, and make sure to listen to your side of the story as well. After doing so, a skilled attorney can build a solid defense for you. If you have been charged with a sex crime, contact a lawyer today.