Midland DWI Trial Process

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The main steps in a trial are the jury selection, opening arguments. Presentation of the evidence, closing arguments, and then the jury deliberations. And there are several ways someone needs to prepare for the Midland DWI trial process. They first should make sure they dress appropriately, look professional, and follow their lawyer’s instructions when they arrive in court. For more information about the trial process, contact an accomplished defense attorney today.

Opening Statements

After the jury selection is made, both sides will have the ability to the jury what the lawyers think the evidence is going to show. The prosecutor will present their case first and the defendant’s attorney will then follow. An experienced lawyer is going to make sure they walk the jury through what is going to happen in the case. What evidence the lawyer is going to show, why the evidence is important. What evidence the state is going to put on, why the state’s evidence has issues. And then try to make sure they cover the issues of the burdens of proof. In a criminal trial in Texas, it is a high burden because the prosecutors have to prove the crime was committed beyond a reasonable doubt.

Evidence Presented in DWI Cases

Prosecutors and the defense’s evidence is key to the Midland DWI trial process. Most of the time, the prosecutors present any witnesses at the scene as evidence. This means they will call on the officer who was at the scene. Or multiple officers if there were any call-ins. If there were any chemical tests, such as a breathalyzer, then the prosecutors will present that and the experts. Other evidence that the prosecutors could use is a recorded phone call. Almost all the phones in jails are recorded and most of the time the prosecutor has access to it. Sometimes when someone makes a call from jail they may admit to the crime over the phone. Not realizing it is being recorded.


Every time the prosecutors finish asking a witness questions then the defendant’s lawyers are allowed to cross-examine that witness. The attorney can ask questions regarding the witness’s credibility or the facts of the case. Also, the defense may have witnesses of the scene of their own that may tell a different story than the one the prosecutors are presenting.

A defense attorney may then call on an expert witness to talk about the issues of a blood test if one was taken. They may also bring in a forensic toxicologist to talk about what intoxication looks like scientifically and if the defendant had any of those signs.

Closing Statements

After all the evidence is presented, both sides will make a closing statement about the case. The closing statement is going to be a summary of the facts of the case. The closing statement is crucial to the Midland DWI trial process because it is one last argument to make in front of the jury. This is why it is vital for someone who has been charged with a DWI to contact a knowledgeable attorney who has experience in the courtroom.