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Driving under the influence (DWI) of alcohol is a category of a criminal offense which is treated with nearly universal seriousness in jurisdictions across the land. And Texas is certainly no exception.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, someone is injured or worse in an alcohol-related crash in the state roughly every twenty minutes. Given the potentially devastating outcomes conduct of this type can have not just on the offenders themselves. But also on innocent victims, the legal system imposes severe penalties on those convicted of it.

Onerous financial fines, terms of incarceration. Licensing consequences and insurance rate hikes are perhaps the most evident consequences. But the effects of a DWI conviction on employment status, reputation, and personal relationships can often be just as harmful. Therefore, if you are facing charges of this nature and wish to do everything possible to mitigate or escape potential punishments. A Midland DUI lawyer with our firm stands ready to assist. An experienced Midland defense lawyer can help prepare you for what to expect and ensure as strong a defense as possible is built. To get started on your defense, schedule a consultation with a Midland DWI lawyer today.

Elements of a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

A driver’s true level of intoxication is assessed by reviewing his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of a traffic stop. An individual’s body composition, weight, and even gender can all play a role in the degree of impairment. Which results from a given amount of alcohol consumed.

Under Texas law, someone age 21 or older can be legally deemed intoxicated for purposes of DWI charges if the blood alcohol is measured at .08 or higher. A driver who is younger than 21 can be deemed intoxicated with any detectable amount of alcohol in the blood. Drivers with commercial licenses can be charged with drunk driving if their BAC is .04 or higher and should. Therefore, consult with a DUI lawyer in Midland if accused.

Applicable Penalties

As outlined in Texas Penal Code Title 10 Chapter 49, the punishments applicable to those convicted of drunk driving can be quite serious, ranging from several thousands of dollars in fines to prison times potentially extending up to ten years or longer, depending on the offender’s prior record and the nature of the offense.

License suspensions lasting multiple years are also a possibility, as are mandatory ignition interlock device installations and costly license surcharges.

In addition, conviction on a drunk driving charge can bring a host of ancillary consequences which can last well into the future. Long after any fines have been paid and jail terms been served.

Employment opportunities may be significantly limited for those with criminal records that include driving while intoxicated. And convictions of this type may result in immediate job loss, depending on the accused party’s line of work.

Furthermore, the status of professional licenses may also be placed in real jeopardy upon a guilty finding in a DWI case. Probation costs, community service requirements and other consequences of a conviction can prove crippling for years to come. And that is why a vigorous legal defense from a DWI lawyer in Midland under such circumstances is crucial.

Defense Strategies and Diversionary Programs

It is all too common for those facing DWI charges in Midland to feel as though they have little hope of prevailing in court. However, there are often valuable defense strategies and mitigation tactics available which such individuals owe it to themselves to explore.

First-time offenders and others may be able to secure placement in an alcohol education or diversionary program. Designed to address underlying issues rather than simply impose harsh penalties.

A Midland DUI attorney will work to achieve such an outcome for clients eligible for such an opportunity. Greatly lessening the potential impact of the DUI charge.

In all cases, an experienced Midland drunk driving lawyer in the area will work to investigate the facts underlying the initial traffic stop. Identify weaknesses in evidence gathering methods employed by law enforcement and make every effort to undermine the prosecution’s arguments.

In doing so, it is often possible to have otherwise damaging evidence excluded from use. Obtain a reduction of charges or even secure a dismissal in certain matters. Of course, the sooner a seasoned Midland DWI attorney is contacted, the better the chances of achieving a favorable outcome,

Securing the Help of a Midland DWI Lawyer

Everyone accused of drunk driving in Texas deserves an aggressive legal defense. Something designed to safeguard constitutional rights and ensure fair treatment under the law. If you are facing such a charge and wish to align a knowledgeable, dedicated advocate. Contact a Midland DUI lawyer with our firm today.