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People facing allegations of breaking the law in Tarrant County may wonder what they have done to be in this position and what they can do to make the charges go away. While completely avoiding trouble may be impossible, defendants facing any kind of criminal charge should take action to provide themselves with a better chance for a positive outcome.

A Tarrant County criminal lawyer could provide a powerful advantage. A practiced attorney understands criminal proceedings in the area and can use that knowledge to help protect your rights.

Tarrant County Criminal Courts and Procedure at a Glance

Cases in Tarrant County’s criminal courts officially begin when a prosecutor files charges alleging a violation of the law. The type of charge will determine which court has jurisdiction over the case. Misdemeanors, described by Texas Penal Code §1.07 (31) as an offense for which the maximum penalty is one year in jail, are heard by the County courthouses. Misdemeanors include simple assaults, drug possession, and DUI.

More serious charges are known as felonies. According to Texas Penal Code §1.07 (23), a felony is a criminal offense that can result in more than one year in prison. Examples of these are sexual assaults, drug distribution, and grand theft. The county’s District courts have the jurisdiction to hear felony level cases.

No matter where the case is heard, the court will follow a strict procedure. A case will start with an arraignment where important issues such as bail are decided. Next, a series of pre-trial hearings are held to discover evidence, argue matters of law, and allow defendants to seek a potential plea deal. It is only if the case is still pending following the pre-trial hearings that a trial will occur. A Tarrant County criminal lawyer could help anyone facing charges navigate the court system and protect their rights along the way.

Building a Strategy To Fight Charges

Every criminal case in Tarrant County is unique. While some cases may share similar facts, there is no set way to defend against any particular charge. A Tarrant County criminal lawyer could start by identifying realistic goals for a case. However, it is ultimately the choice of the accused to decide on how to proceed.

A Tarrant County criminal lawyer could take the lead in all pre-trial motions to exclude government evidence, discover new evidence that may prove innocence, and present a case before a jury with passion and clarity. They can help build a strategy that meets the goals of the accused and the specific circumstances.

A Tarrant County Criminal Lawyer Could Help Defend Your Freedom

Any criminal allegation in Tarrant County is a serious matter. Even low-level misdemeanor convictions could result in a court sentencing a defendant to a jail term. More serious felonies carry mandatory minimum sentences. A mere arrest will also appear on a person’s criminal background checks. Therefore, it is vital to take every step possible to protect your freedom and reputation.

A Tarrant County criminal lawyer could provide valuable protection. They work from the moment of the arrest to build a strong case that works for you. Contact a lawyer today to learn more.