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Texas Tech Kickoff

Since 1923, Texas Tech University has grown to being more than just a college.  It’s an icon of West Texas and an incredible community that has helped thousands of people find jobs, lifelong friends, and even themselves.
Starting next Saturday, fans all over Texas Tech kickoff will cheer on the Red Raiders in what promises to be an exciting season.  And we will be there to make it even more exciting.  We will be tailgating at Mesquites Bar and Grill with our state-of-the-art video truck.  Hang out with us for the afternoon before heading to the game and get a chance to win FREE Gift Cards! We will be at Mesquites from 12:00-7:00PM, so come chill with us or just stop by and say hi! Guns up to the Texas Tech kickoff!

Questions?  Contact for more information.