Sleepy, but Sober - Driver Arrested for DWI

Sleepy, but Sober – Driver Arrested for DWI

A second test confirmed what the driver had been saying since his arrest:  He wasn’t drunk or on drugs when police charged him with driving while intoxicated, he was just tired.

Despite recording 0.00 on the Breathalyzer test, the Georgia driver was:

Taken to jail
Forced to post bail
Spent substantial time proving his innocence

Why? Because the arresting officer said he performed poorly on field sobriety exams. The driver told the officer he had been working all night, and performed poorly because he was tired.

“The tape shows a lengthy field sobriety test in which the driver’s most common miscue was not following the directions given by the arresting officer.  On a number of occasions, he started performing the sobriety tests before the officer gave the go-ahead or didn’t follow instructions.  On the heel-to-toe walk and turn, he began walking twice before being told to do so.  On another test, he was told to close his eyes and count silently to 30 seconds, announcing when he thought the 30 seconds had expired.  The driver did so in 28 seconds, stating that he did so by counting “one-one thousand; two-one thousand…””

There are many reasons you might fail the field sobriety test that have nothing to do with being drunk, including fatigue:

Occupational & Environmental Medicine, an international peer-reviewed journal in all aspects of occupational & environmental medicine published a paper written by Dr. A.M. Williamson in which the author reports “commonly experienced levels of sleep deprivation depressed performance to a level equivalent to that produced by alcohol intoxication of at least a BAC of 0.05%.”

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