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Maybe you accidentally walked out of a store without paying for an item at the bottom of your cart. Perhaps your kid is just going through a bad phase and doesn’t understand the consequences of disrespecting personal property. Whatever the case, A Citizen’s Guide to a Theft Arrest in Texas will provide the tools and knowledge you need to defend yourself in a theft conviction, by answering questions like:

  • When do you pay your civil penalty fee? Should you pay it at all?
  • What should you do in an accidental Issuance of a Bad Check (IBC) or Theft by Check?
  • Are you guilty of theft if a friend steals someone’s property and gives it to you?
  • How is Theft of Service handled?
  • How do previous thefts affect your current conviction?
  • How can theft convictions affect your immigration status or job standing?
  • Does getting a charge dismissed after pleading guilty to theft clear your record?

Fill out the form and get your digital copy today. When it comes to dealing with a theft conviction, you must act fast to secure your future, even if you are not facing jail time. Get informed and know your rights. 

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