Lubbock Prescription Drug Defense

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When building a Lubbock prescription drug defense, an individual should an experienced drug lawyer handling their case. An individual should have access to experts to be able to look at issues such as whether or not they are addicted.  As well as determining whether there is a treatment plan that might be helpful to them.

It is important that a person finds someone who has experience in the case. Conviction of drug offenses in Lubbock have serious potential penalties and consequences. It is important to fight them as early as possible with a strong defense. Someone facing charges will need to find a legal advocate who has true experience not only dealing with these case types but also being in the courtroom and dealing with prosecutors. This experience is invaluable when confronting prescription drug charges.

Evidence in Prescription Drug Cases

The other side of a Lubbock prescription drug defense is that prosecutors will need to prove that there was a presence of an actual drug. The prosecution will need to show that the drug is illegal and that the individual does not have the legal right to have it. Meaning if it was an over the counter drug, the individual would need a prescription. There should also be proof of a lack of a prescription. The government must show that the person arrested does not have a legal prescription for it.

Common Drug Offense Issues

Some of the issues with prescription drug offenses include whether or not an individual has a prescription currently. Or in the past and whether they have an addiction problem. An attorney can help the individual find out if they can get or need counseling. This proof of counseling may also have a positive affect on their case. Lubbock lawyers can also help their client obtain testing to show that they are not taking those prescriptions anymore. Urinalysis or hair follicle test are the types of things that may help the case get resolved.

Retaining a Lawyer

The reason that a person wants an experienced attorney for handling their Lubbock prescription drug defense is that these cases carry a lot of liability that an attorney can help mitigate. The last thing somebody wants to do is be convicted of a possession of an illegal substance. Whether that is a prescription drug or whether it is a completely per se illegal drug such as methamphetamines.

At the end of the day, nobody wants that type of conviction on their record. Another common problem is that it could affect a doctor’s ability to prescribe in the future and those would be issues that a lawyer would want to be looking at to make sure that at the end of the day, lawyers do everything to try to keep that conviction off the record.

That is important because when an attorney gets to sit down and work with clients, they want to be able to help the person’s complete Lubbock prescription drug defense, as their charges have serious consequences otherwise.