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It is against the law in Texas to drive a vehicle if you are “intoxicated” from either alcohol or drugs. Even if your doctor has prescribed you legal medication you can be arrested if a police officer thinks that the medication is causing you to act “intoxicated”. That’s why it’s is important to be aware of the side-effects of all the medications you are currently taking and consult with a Lubbock prescription drug DUI lawyer if accused. A DUI lawyer in Lubbock can assist in preserving your rights and ensuring a strong defense is built.

Prescription DUI Arrests

Common prescriptions like Ambien and Xanax can be useful treatments for people affected by insomnia or anxiety. However, both of these prescriptions can also cause a decrease in coordination and motor skills. Officers might pull you over and arrest you even if you have had no alcohol to drink. If you take medications that warn you not to operate heavy machinery then be sure not to drive. Likewise, some prescriptions say not to drink alcohol while on them. Make sure you know how your medicines affect you before you use them in combination with driving.

Building a Defense

If you find yourself pulled over by a police officer and you think they suspect you of drug intoxication there are several things you and your prescription DUI lawyer in Lubbock can do to defend your rights.

  • Ask the police officer what they suspect you did wrong?
  • Don’t admit to taking any drugs or drinking alcohol
  • Ask politely for you lawyer and remind the officers of your right to remain silent
  • Politely refuse any Field Sobriety Tests

Sobriety tests are notorious for being a poor indicator of intoxication and you can fail these tests even if you are not intoxicated. It is important to remember that if the police intend to arrest you then you have the right to have an attorney to aid in your legal defense. Any Lubbock prescription DUI attorney worth his salt will tell you not to answer any of the police’s question and to not admit any wrongdoing.

Contacting An Attorney

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone deserves to go to jail or be put on probation for several years. If you are arrested for DWI resulting from prescription or illicit drug intake. You must act quickly and retain a Lubbock prescription drug lawyer to aid in your defense. Oftentimes drug DWI cases can be complex and require an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you were arrested call us to defend you.