Lubbock Robbery Defense Strategies

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In order to prove a robbery or theft charge, the prosecution will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual accused has deprived another of their property. Or attempted to deprive another of their property by some sort of force, threat, or physical confrontation.

A knowledgeable robbery lawyer in Lubbock can help prepare a defense strategy against an individual’s charge. Further, they will be able to assist in reducing or dismissing any penalties the accused individual may be facing.

Robbery vs. Theft

The act of violence determines whether or not an individual is charged with robbery or theft in Lubbock. Both are the taking of property and depriving the rightful owner or the agent if it. But the robbery has a higher punishment because there is either a threat or some sort of physical altercation or violence.

When negotiating a robbery charge down to a theft charge as part of a defense strategy in Lubbock. A lawyer will need to evaluate the case. They will need to determine the specific facts of the case, the alleged victim, and the pain and restitution involved. Without the facts of the case, a lawyer cannot prepare a proper defense strategy for a robbery charge in Lubbock.

Preparing a Defense

When preparing a defense strategy for a Lubbock robbery. An attorney will want to make sure that they have as many of the facts of the case as they can. They will want to do an independent investigation on the charge, most likely with investigators on their staff.

In order to gather more information, an attorney will talk to all of the witnesses. Gather any physical evidence, make sure police records have not been overlooked. Talk to the defendant, talk to any of the defendant’s witnesses to find out their side of the story. And put it all together to see where the facts fall. Depending on the facts gathered, a lawyer will prepare the most effective defense strategy they can against a Lubbock robbery charge.

A local lawyer is going to know not only the courthouse and the DAs, but also the witness credibility of the alleged victim. The lawyer will not want to enter court when they do not know any of the individual’s involved, especially the judge.

Taking a Plea Deal

Sometimes, after the entire case is reviewed and the evidence is pointing toward guilt, if offered. It is an option to consider a plea deal that might reduce the penalty to probation instead of prison. A lawyer will prefer to keep it off of their client’s record instead of risking going to trial and being found guilty. They might also be able to reduce the case to a misdemeanor. So an individual does not have a felony conviction on their record.

The other issue is the liability that the client has. An attorney will try and determine if this is a first offense, or if an individual has been convicted several times in the past. If there is an offer that is reduced, it might be considered at the time of the plea bargain. Taking a plea bargain is a deliberate defense strategy in a Lubbock robbery case. To help produce the best outcome on behalf of their client.