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There are many different crimes that can be committed with the use or transportation of illegal or controlled substances. Possession, however, is the most common offense. If you have been arrested and charged with the crime of drug possession. Then you need to retain skilled representation that can help you fight the charges against you. Our firm is dedicated to serving the residents of Texas in various criminal defense matters, and you can count on our Texas drug crimes lawyers for the representation that you need.

Depending on the amount and the type of substance that is found in your possession. You could face a range of penalties if convicted. For example, if you are charged with possession of less than 1 gram of a Group 1 drug such as cocaine or heroin. Then you could face state jail felony penalties of up to 2 years in jail. And up to $10,000 in fines. If you are charged with possession of 400 grams or more of a Group 1 drug.  Additionally, you will face enhanced first-degree felony penalties of up to 99 years in prison. And a fine of up to $10,000. What some do not know however, is that a conviction of any type of drug offense will result in a suspension of you driver’s license. Clearly, the ramifications of a drug offense can be detrimental to your personal and professional life.

Defending Your Rights in Court

Our firm is committed to ensuring that your rights are upheld in court. And that you are given a fair trial if you have been charged with a crime. When you choose to work with us, you reap the benefits of our experience, advice, and resources.

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