What to Expect When Charged with Domestic Violence in Lubbock

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In terms of what to expect when charged with domestic violence. In Lubbock person will usually meet a police officer at some point and they will do some kind of an investigation. If they find probable cause to arrest, the person will be arrested. Probable cause is about looking at the evidence that law enforcement is allowed to look at.

Experienced domestic violence lawyers can help protect people of their rights. The Constitution protects officers from entering a scene without some kind of an invitation such as a 911 call. The call itself might allow them the ability to look around and take steps towards finding probable cause.

Being Arrested

Once the police make a decision to arrest a person. The individual will be handcuffed, get in the back of a patrol car. Or they will get to be booked into jail. Once a person is in jail, they will go through the bonding process. So long as the magistrate will allow the person to be bonded out after submitting the payment. Being arrested goes on someone’s record. Whether the incident is domestic violence or gets dismissed. The fact that the person was still arrested is still on there. What to expect when charged with domestic violence in Lubbock is a process that they can go through in certain circumstances to either seal it or expunge it. But those are things a person can generally expect.

When talking about domestic violence, because of the nature of it and the politics of it these days. There are some extras that are going to go along with it. Once that accusation is made, some of the consequences are going to depend on what type of domestic violence it was as well a what kind of relationship the person was in.

Impact of Children Involvement

What to expect when charged with domestic violence in Lubbock if there are children in the household and the alleged domestic violence was not necessarily against a child, the accusation will trigger investigations that have to do with the welfare of the child. Those investigations can come from a department, from the police, and from both at the same time. There can be findings that can go all the way to termination of a person’s rights to parent that child. in a worst possible case.

An individual could face their child being taken. It is called a conservatorship. If the department does an investigation and feels, for whatever reason, the child is not safe, they can have an emergency hearing. In some cases, they do not even need to have a hearing. They can, for a certain amount of time, take the child away from the person. They can determine when the person can see the child and under what circumstances. That is another thing that a person can expect.

Common Myths

It is not necessarily the truth that every time there is a domestic violence situation and a person has kids that they are going to lose their parental rights. A person can expect that there might be an investigation and that investigation has a peep to it. That is one of the things that a person would find disturbing. What to expect when charged with domestic violence in Lubbock is this can have effects on how that divorce goes and how the court views the person in that divorce.

If the domestic violence that they are accused of is against the spouse, they can expect to be facing the potential of up to a $2,500-a-month payment to the spouse or 20 percent of the person’s income to support them during all this. Some of the other things that will happen in terms of domestic violence are that it could affect a person’s rights to carry a gun or even ammunition.

A skilled criminal lawyer can clarify what to expect when charged with domestic violence in Lubbock before beginning your defense.