Lubbock DUI Stops

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Texas goes back and forth on the legislature allowing for the existence of DUI or DWI roadblocks in Lubbock. Currently, law enforcement in Lubbock is focusing on DUI stops. Over the years, these are spearheaded by various task forces from both the Lubbock Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

To determine the legal process associated with DUI stops in Lubbock. It is pertinent that an individual contact an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Lubbock DUI lawyer can help an individual combat any potential charges that may have resulted from their DUI stop.


Agencies Involved

There are many agencies involved in the process of DUI stops in Lubbock. They refer to themselves as many things, but the idea is that they spend a significant amount of time focusing on DWI stops and arrests.

There are various programs that provide both state and federal grant money for overtime and extra pay to officers. Sometimes, an attorney will note STEP programs, also called Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs.

Block grant money will be paid to an agency, for example, the Lubbock Police Department. That officer may then be working on STEP enforcement that is focused on traffic. Multiple times a year, a lawyer will note that Lubbock DUI stops are handled mostly by the Lubbock Police Department and the Department of Public Safety. Other things that those agencies often deal with where stops occur are with young people and alcohol.

University Patrol

The police department for Texas Tech University has a legal ability to patrol in any county that Texas Tech owns property in. Most of the time, the Tech Police Department will be patrolling and making DUI stops in Lubbock County. Usually, the area they patrol outlines Texas Tech, which includes 19th street, down to Quaker and Fourth Street. And all the way back up to the Broadway area.

These areas are patrolled for Lubbock DUI stops by both the Lubbock Police Department and Texas Tech police in the areas around Texas Tech campus. This includes locations where the bars are, where Broadway is, downtown near Buddy Holly Avenue, and where the depot district bars are.

These agencies will then be at the various bars that are outside of the university. Typically, more toward southwest Lubbock, there are lots of patrols and officers waiting for people to drive. These officers will then attempt to determine if there are any traffic violations occurring. And work to try and figure out some reason to stop the person to determine if they are intoxicated.These heavy areas would include areas on 98th Street and on Slide Road.

These heavy traffic areas would include areas on 98th Street and Slide Road. This also occurs on Fourth Street, 19th Street, and any place else that there is a high concentration of drinking.

Benefit of an Attorney

If an individual has been charged with a crime after facing a Lubbock DUI stop. It is important that they consult with an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable attorney can help lessen or dismiss any potential consequences they may face.