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Substance-related charges occur in multiple ways. A student driving on campus to a sporting event, their dorm, or to a class, can be stopped. On the Texas Tech campus, there are major thoroughfares and the Texas Tech Police Department has jurisdiction in the county where they own property. In Lubbock County, they tend to patrol right off campus and in areas where there are bars and restaurants.

A student can even be stopped in a parking lot. Students are arrested at the dorms and if they have alcohol with them or they were drinking, they can be arrested for minor possession, minor consumption, or public intoxication. Any place that is campus property, at every football game, students are arrested for alcohol issues, minor consumption, minor possession, public intoxication, trying to bring alcohol into the stadium, being intoxicated in the stadium or at a basketball game, etc. If you have been arrested for one or more of these issues contact a Lubbock student drug and alcohol possession lawyer today.


When a student is charged with possession of illicit substance charges, there are two separate cases. There is a criminal case which is handled by the Lubbock County and there is the student conduct issue if the student is found responsible.

Finding the student responsible is dealing with the violation of the code of conduct. The consequences of a student code violation can include probation, deferred suspension, or suspension expulsion. In addition, when the student is found responsible, they are required to take additional counseling. The court may impose additional remedial sanctions.

Based upon the specifics of the case, other consequences can occur. For example, if a Texas Tech minor student is arrested for driving while intoxicated, they can be charged with a statute called “driving under the influence by a minor” on Texas Tech Campus or by Texas Tech Police Department. The student may lose their right to drive on campus for a period of time.

There may be an issue in the dorm such as possession of marijuana or possession of a controlled substance. The biggest controlled substances on the college campus are drugs. For example, Adderall, Ritalin, and study drugs that students take to stay up. The consequences of which could be students losing their campus housing.

When a student is convicted of certain crimes. In addition to the consequences of the criminal case. They can lose their driver’s license, federal student loans, and certain scholarships as well.

A Student Possession Defense Attorney Can Help

A Lubbock student drug and alcohol possession lawyer can help in several ways. When a student comes in, the lawyer begins to build the defense in the case that may include having their own investigation done. Some law firms have an in-house investigator. When there is a “he said, she said” situation or a witness who has their version of the events. The lawyer can send the investigator out to see if there is a video or other witnesses.

The student defense attorney can represent the student at any hearing, such as a one-on-one hearing, or the student elects to go to a group of individuals. There is a whole process when someone is charged with a student conduct violation. The student can decide how they want to proceed with the process; as an individual or a group.