Purchasing or Receiving Stolen Property in Texas

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If police recently arrested or charged you with possession of stolen property, you need a knowledgeable Texas theft attorney advocating for your rights immediately. In cases involving purchasing or receiving stolen property. The prosecution does not need to prove you knowingly possessed said property. They must simply show you should have known it was stolen. With such a limited burden of proof. Individuals caught with stolen property often find themselves facing hefty fines, probation, jail time, and restitution. At Texas Criminal Defense Group, our firm has a proven track record of successful results and is committed to building a solid criminal defense for those we defend who are facing charges related to purchase or receiving stolen property.

Understanding Texas Charges for Receiving or Purchasing Stolen Property

While theft is commonly interpreted as taking items directly from another individual, it can also include purchasing or receiving stolen property taken from another. For example, if John steals a television and sells it to Tom. Tom can be found guilty of purchasing stolen property if he had any knowledge that John had stolen the TV. State law does not require that an individual knowingly possess a stolen item to be charged with this offense. Let’s assume Tom did not know the television was stolen. But purchased it out of the back of a van for a low price.

The prosecution could argue that, under the circumstances. Tom should have been aware he was purchasing stolen property due to the way the TV was sold. And the low price. When determining if an individual should have known an item was stolen. Courts generally ask whether a reasonable individual would have suspected the property could be stolen.

Individuals who did were completely unaware that they were in possession of a stolen items could still be charged with this offense. For example, if Sharon buys a purse from an estate sale and later discovers stolen jewelry in one of its compartments. She cannot be guilty of purchasing stolen property, so long as she takes appropriate steps to return the previously unknown items to the owner or to the police.

Let an experienced Texas Theft attorney fight for you.

Our firm understands that no two cases are exactly alike. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly review your situation and any charges against you. Gathering evidence to support your case, and working toward the best resolution possible on your behalf. From representing you with the authorities early on to providing a hard-hitting courtroom defense. Our team is dedicated to protecting your rights through each step of the legal process. Learn more about how we can fight for you by contacting a Texas criminal attorney today.

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