Benefit of an Attorney Bail Bondsman in Lubbock

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Once someone is arrested and taken to jail, it is important that they contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a lawyer from the get-go can save a person not only money but also time. As soon as the attorney is hired, they send in what is called an appearance of counsel (APOC). Which alerts the court immediately the lawyer has been hired. If there are any offers in the case or anything unique, the court and attorney will know immediately.

Also, as soon as a lawyer is hired, they can begin building a defense for the individual. This saves time for the defendant. The benefit of an attorney bail bondsman in Lubbock is that the defendant can get released out of jail and also have a legal professional working to keep them out of jail. A person who hires a seasoned bail bondsman lawyer has an advantage with their case as opposed to one who does not.

Understanding Book and Release

The book and release are where an individual learns that they have a warrant out for their arrest. Contacts an attorney, and then sets up a book and release. The book and release allow a person to get out of jail quickly instead of having to stay in jail for 12-36 hours waiting to get booked and see a magistrate judge. With the book and release, the lawyer can obtain a waiver of magistration for the individual, which is called the 1517.

Book and release usually take one to three hours as opposed to the 12-36 hours a person may have to wait before being released. This allows the person to go home and possibly keep their job. If someone gets arrested and has to stay in jail for 36 hours. They may miss work and cannot call in to tell their employer what is going on. This may cause the individual to lose their job. However, the benefit of an attorney bail bondsman in Lubbock. Is that the lawyer could coordinate a book and release for someone.

What Makes an Attorney Qualified to Get People Released From Jail?

An attorney is qualified to get people released from jail in a couple of ways. There is the attorney exemption, which allows a 10 percent attorney bond. If the alleged crime is a misdemeanor, this is automatic. If it is a felony, then the lawyer has to get approval from the judge. An attorney could help a person get out on a Personal Recognizance (PR) bond. Which is also obtained through a judge. A person could also get out on a bail bond from a bail bond company.

Building a Defense Before Being Released From Jail

The benefit of an attorney bail bondsman in Lubbock is that they could begin defending someone before the person has gotten out of jail. Once a lawyer is obtained, they can start gathering the facts of the case and building a defense for the individual. If the person has a large bond. Then the lawyer can usually get the bond reduced by talking to the judge and the district attorney. A lawyer can also ask for a hearing to get the bond reduced. When a lawyer is hired, they can start immediately developing a rapport with the district attorney on the case to start developing the strategy for the case.