Bail Bond Companies in Lubbock

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The primary role of a bail bond company is to ensure the defendant appears in court. Bail bond agents can often secure their customers release within a few hours. Although bond companies can get a defendant released from jail very quickly. It is wise to instead reach out to a lawyer for posting bond. An experienced bail bondsman attorney could not only help with posting bond but could also start building a case for the defendant. Call today to learn more about bail bond companies in Lubbock and how you could benefit from obtaining a lawyer after an arrest.

Bail Bondsman Responsibilities

Bail bond companies in Lubbock have broad responsibilities. However, their primary responsibility is to get the person to court. An individual first signs a contract with the bail bond company, which abides by the Texas occupations code and the code of criminal procedures. Along the way to the court date, there is usually a payout plan. If a person does not make the payout plan, then the bail bond company will simply check in with them at first. However, after a while, they may then send out a licensed bounty hunter or a private investigator. If a person does not pay the bond company, they can surrender their bond and warrant can be issued.

The bail bond company can get a warrant from the judge and they have the legal right to arrest the person on a charge called bond surrender. This means that the individual could end up back in jail. The person would then face additional fees. If an individual is arrested on a DWI and faces a $1,000 bond and does not pay or check in with the bonding company, the bonding company can issue a bond surrender signed by the judge. After a bond surrender, the person could then face a $10,000 bond to get back out of jail.

Questions that a Bail Bondsman Cannot Answer

A bail bondsman cannot answer any legal questions about a person’s case. They cannot discuss the legal aspects of the case, give legal advice, or refer the individual to attorneys. They cannot even discuss the range of punishments that the person is facing. Bail bondsmen have their hands tied when it comes to legal questions. The only things the bail bondsman can do is get the person out of jail, post bond, and inform the individual of their court date.

Fees for the Services of a Bail Bond Company in Lubbock

The amount people will pay in fees for the services of a Lubbock bail bond company depends on the crime. For felonies, bail bond companies in Lubbock usually charge 15 percent of the bond and any fees associated. If it is a high-risk individual or the person is from out of town, the bond company will typically pack on fees. If the individual has an attorney hired on the case, they will automatically give the person a 10 percent discount. With a misdemeanor bond, the bail bond company generally charges more than for felony.

Why One Should Hire an Attorney

A person might be drawn towards hiring the bail bond company over an attorney because they want to get out of jail fast. However, hiring a bail company instead of obtaining the services of a lawyer is a mistake. Once an attorney is hired, they can begin gathering evidence of the case and talking to critical witnesses. Lawyers can also work to have the bond reduced. It makes financial and legal sense to seek the services of a lawyer over one of the bail bond companies in Lubbock.