Posting Bail in Lubbock

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The first thing that pops into someone’s head after being arrested and taken to jail is how to get out as soon as possible. Most of the time, the individual can be released from jail by posting bail. Bail is money that an individual pays the court in order to be released. To learn more about posting bail in Lubbock, contact a seasoned bail bondsman lawyer. A dedicated attorney could advise you on your options after an arrest and help you get released from jail.

Understanding the Difference Between Bond and Bail

The difference between bond and bail is that bonds are the instruments used to bail someone out. This means that bonds are bail monies paid by a bail bond company to get out of jail. Bail is the amount that is set by the court required to secure release. Whereas a bond is actually a guarantee by a third party. When talking about bail bondsman and attorney bail bondsman, a bail bond company would be the person who is putting up the security or the instrument that is going to get the person out of jail.

Getting Out of Jail After an Arrest

Posting bail in Lubbock allows an individual to be released from jail. When a person is arrested, the magistrate sets the bond and bail. After this is set, the individual has several different options to get out of jail. They can post a bail through a bail bond company, go through an attorney 10 percent bond, get a personal recognizance (PR) bond, or they can do a cash bond by putting up the full amount of money and securing the release.

Conditions of the Bonds

It is important to know that a judge can impose conditions on any bail bond. For instance, the judge may require the individual to wear a monitor that is imposed by the court. Other conditions may include requiring a person to check in weekly, return any money owed, taking copies of dispositions from every court date to the bonding company, and not allowing the person to leave the county without contacting the bail bond company. To learn more about the conditions of bonds and posting bail in Lubbock, reach out to an attorney.

Building a Defense Immediately

Upon being booked, the individual does not have to wait long for a defense to be crafted. After contacting a lawyer, the defense can start immediately. However, many people wait until they are out of jail to obtain an attorney because they do not realize that they have the option to hire a lawyer while they are still in custody. It is important for an individual who has been arrested to call a lawyer as soon as possible. Once hired, a dedicated criminal defense attorney could assess the situation, gather the facts, and begin crafting a defense.

How an Attorney Could Help With Posting Bail in Lubbock

When someone is arrested and taken to jail, a lawyer could help them understand their options when it comes to posting bail in Lubbock. Once hired, an attorney could also begin working on a defense to ensure that the individual does not have to go back to jail after being released. To learn more about posting bail and how a lawyer could help you, call today.