Traveling with Firearms and Ammunition in Lubbock

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There are a few reasons why an individual may travel with firearms and ammunition in Lubbock. In most cases, a person would transport a firearm to-and-from the range. If a person has a CDL, that person will be transporting all the time, but again, primarily to-and-from a range.

Even if a person is going to buy and sell a weapon, a person has to transport it. It is important for an individual to know the specific regulations associated with traveling with firearms and ammunition in Lubbock. This can be best explained by contacting an experienced Lubbock gun lawyer.

Legally Transporting a Firearm

Generally, to legally travel with a firearm and ammunition in Lubbock, a person will pack it up and put it under the seat. If pulled over, it is important to make sure an officer is aware of it immediately. It is also crucial that if a person is going to-and-from a range, that person is not without a CDL that is not a violation.

It is generally advisable to transport such items in a separate compartment of the vehicle. If the individual does not have such a compartment, they will at least have a front and back seat, so a person can always put the weapon under the passenger seat or under the back seat. One important thing to know is that a person can never have a weapon if they are intoxicated. Even if a person has a CDL, it is reckless to have a weapon if a person is intoxicated.

Public transportation is going to be any motorized vehicle. A person can use it to transport a weapon.

Unlawful Transportation

It is unlawful to travel with firearms and ammunition in Lubbock when a person is intoxicated, if it is an illegal purchase and a person has it in their vehicle, and if it is an unidentified gun, for example, the markings are scratched off of it and it could be prohibited. If a person is a felon, it is also prohibited.

Ammunition Laws

Traveling with ammunition in Lubbock is having any marked or unmarked cartridges that are used as projectiles from a gun. Usually, when traveling across borders, a person has to look to Federal Law or Federal State Law when dealing with types of ammunition or weapons.

Unlawfully traveling with ammunition in Lubbock is a Class B misdemeanor, so it carries the possibility of jail time. Any time a person has a weapon or ammunition it could carry possible jail time, so it is best to get a lawyer. The penalties range from a Class C ticket up to a Class B misdemeanor.

Any licensed CDL holder or any unlicensed person that has a registered gun that is going to-and-from a firing range can lawfully transport ammunition.  A person can legally carry ammunition, but they want to be careful and safe. It is more of a safety issue than a violation.

Traveling Between States

An individual has to check each state’s regulations when traveling with firearms and regulations across states. Since each has such different laws. It is best to always call the Department of Public Safety in each state to find out if they can legally carry. Texas has a reciprocal law with many states, one of which is Virginia. If an individual has a Virginia CDL. That individual can drive through Texas and be fined if that person gets pulled over. A person has to obey that state’s rules and statutes.

Defending the Firearms Charge

An individual is most likely to be charged with a crime for unlawfully traveling with firearms and ammunition in Lubbock when they are being reckless with the weapon. When building a defense, a knowledgeable lawyer will listen to the client and find out the reasons that they had the weapons and ammunition. Using this information, they can craft a defense that may be able to get the charges either reduced or dismissed.

Benefit of a Lawyer

It is always important to hire someone that has knowledge and experience. Even if it is just for advice, so a person knows what they are getting into. More often than not, a person does not know that a charge can be expunged. It is important to hire an experienced attorney to explore available alternatives to a conviction, and best defend against a charge of unlawfully traveling with firearms and ammunition in Lubbock.