Types of Lubbock Firearm Offenses

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There are many types of firearm offenses in Lubbock that an individual may be charged with. A common way a person can face such a charge is when a person goes to a gun show. Buys brass knuckles, or is pulled over with such illegal weapons.  That person will then be arrested with a firearm offense in Lubbock depending on the crime committed.

More often than not, individuals will be charged with other firearm offenses since the prohibited weapon is probably the least thing they are charged with. Individuals are almost always charged with another offense. If you are facing such a charge and are seeking legal representation, it is critical that you consult with a knowledgeable Lubbock gun lawyer as soon as possible.

Prohibited Dangerous Firearm Weapons

Dangerous weapons in Lubbock could include a black jack, a night stick, any explosive weapon, a knife, or a sword. The penalties for possessing such a weapon vary, but is usually a Class A misdemeanor.

With the varying sentencing structures, a person wants a lawyer that is experienced or board certified in criminal law to advise them on how to proceed with their type of Lubbock firearm charge. The goals are always to get those charges off of the individual’s record.

Lawful vs. Unlawful Discharge

A person may lawfully discharge a firearm at a gun range, ranch, outside the city limits, shooting environments, and places similar to that.

In any city limits and any municipality, it is unlawful to discharge a weapon. The penalty for such an act is between a Class A misdemeanor and a third-degree felony. To defend against such a charge, a lawyer will determine that the gun may have misfired. There is also the defense that if a person is cleaning a weapon and it discharges, it is not unlawful.  Those are two common defenses.

Illegal Firearm Modification

There are modifications that an individual can make to their weapon that can result in many different types of firearm offenses in Lubbock. If a person saws down a firing pin to make a semi-automatic weapon, or adds certain silencers, that is illegal. Certain silencers are illegal.

However, the most common modifications include adding a scope, a different cartridge holder, or a shoulder harness, which are legal. Other common modifications include changing the pistol grip, or changing a trigger out to a double trigger.

The penalties for illegally modifying a firearm are between a Class A misdemeanor and a third-degree felony. To defend against this type of firearm offense in Lubbock, a lawyer can help determine that the gun came from the manufacturer that way, or it was sold from a gun store that way. In other words, those modifications were made prior to the defendant purchasing the gun.