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Aside from the stigma that charges of prostitution can bring, in Midland, Texas. Such allegations can also place defendants at serious risk of experiencing life-altering court assigned punishments. Prostitution convictions stem from finding that an individual knowingly offered to engage. Or did engage in sexual conduct in exchange for money or some other form of fee.

There is no time for delay when it comes to securing an aggressive legal defense attorney to fight against a potentially devastating outcome, and a Midland prostitution lawyer stands ready to help.

Social Stigma of Charges

Though all criminal charges bring with them the potential for negative social consequences. As well as the court sentencing. Prostitution can have a particularly harmful impact on an individual’s reputation and their entire family.

Prostitution offenses can ruin marriages, destroy an individual’s standing in the community. Jeopardize employment and professional licenses, and generally bring disrepute which ought to be avoided at all costs. A vigorous defense by a prostitution attorney in Midland is essential. And must be sought as quickly as possible after their issuance.

Potential Penalties

It is impossible to deny the seriousness with which prostitution is treated in Texas. A fact which is evidenced by the consequences of which those convicted are regularly subjected.

Those found guilty of a first-time offense will be considered Class B misdemeanor offenders, and they may receive a jail term lasting upwards of 180 days. They may also be responsible for paying fines of up to $2,000.

Individuals who are convicted of repeating this type of offense can be classified as Class A misdemeanor offenders. Those who have been convicted at least three times of this sort of crime can receive state jail felon status. And face jail terms that last two years along with fines approaching $10,000.

Promotion of prostitution is a serious offense in Texas, and it can carry third-degree felony ramifications of two to ten years of prison time. Offenders convicted of compelling the act of prostitution may face even more substantial punishments, including incarceration lasting as long as 20 years. There is too much at stake not to enlist the assistance of an experienced Midland prostitution defense attorney who will work hard to undermine the state’s case at every available turn.

Defense Strategies

Every criminal defendant must take pains to remember that charges alone do not equal a conviction and that they are entitled to strenuously dispute all accusations made against them.

A range of defenses may exist in each case which can offer real hope of securing an acquittal. For instance, it is not uncommon for a defendant to be able to successfully assert arguments that include:

  • Illegal entrapment techniques on the part of police
  • Defendant’s age
  • Failure of law enforcement to establish actual knowledge on defendant’s part
  • Mental or physical duress at time of alleged crime
  • Intoxication of defendant at time of alleged offense
  • Failure of money or other consideration to change hands

Attacking the prosecution’s case in any of the above ways is a task which involves meticulous exploration of the underlying facts, and that is why the help of a seasoned Midland prostitution attorney is crucial to anyone accused of prostitution-related offenses in Texas.

Working with an Attorney

Facing a prostitution-related charge in Texas is an unenviable circumstance sure to provoke feelings of embarrassment, uncertainty, and fear.

However, there is no time to waste in terms of formulating a defense strategy designed to secure dismissal or reduction in the charges lodged or, when that is impossible, substantial mitigation of penalties at sentencing. A Midland prostitution lawyer is ready to offer the support and advice to which every defendant is entitled.