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As is the case in most American jurisdictions. Texas considers prostitution-related crimes to be serious and worthy of substantial punishment for those convicted of committing them. When considering prostitution. Many think mainly of the offense that takes place when an individual undertakes to perform sexual services in exchange for money.

However, it must also be noted that criminal sanctions can also apply to others involved. In such transactions in addition to the person who receives payment. Charges need to be brought against individuals who actively seek to pay money for sexual services. And the consequences of being found guilty can be severe.

Should you be among the unfortunate parties facing charges of this nature. It is essential that you take swift action to mount the most aggressive legal defense possible.  A Midland solicitation defense lawyer can be your strongest ally in the fight to assert your right to fairness and equal treatment under the law.

Potential Penalties for Solicitation

Despite their seemingly less serious classification as Class B Misdemeanors. Solicitation crimes in Texas in which an individual requests another person to perform sexual services for money are capable of bringing onerous penalties.

Jail terms reaching up to 180 days are within the realm of possibility. As are terms of home confinement and ongoing probation. Monetary fines into the thousands of dollars as well as community service obligations also routinely come into the picture for convicted offenders. Potentially making their lives difficult for an extended period.

To avoid the potentially devastating effects of a solicitation charge. It is important to hire a solicitation lawyer in Midland the first chance you get.

Impact of a Conviction

Besides the legal sanctions courts can impose following a solicitation conviction. There are countless other consequences to a guilty finding which must be taken into consideration.

The shame of prostitution-related charges. Not to mention convictions, can have harm on marriages. Community standing, professional status, and more.

Depending on a defendant’s line of work, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to retain employment or secure new positions or promotions. Ultimately, it is vital for anyone facing allegations of this type to work with a Midland solicitation attorney determined to safeguard their constitutional rights.

Building a Defense

For all criminal offenses, not just those related to prostitution, Texas Penal Code §2.01, announces the principle that each element of a charge must be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt.

No solicitation conviction may follow if it has not been concretely established that the individual charged acted knowingly. In a public place, while seeking sexual services from another and that compensation in the form of money or other items of value was in fact offered.

Because of these separate and distinct showings which much be made. There are often numerous avenues of attack which can be used against the prosecution’s case.

An experienced solicitation defense attorney in Midland may be able to employ arguments related to law enforcement tactics at the time of arrest. Actual knowledge on the part of the defendant. Lack of monetary exchange between the parties and other such strategies aimed at achieving a reduction in the charges. Or, at the least, an amelioration of the punishments ultimately faced.

Talk to a Solicitation Attorney Today

Furthermore, if you are facing a solicitation charge in Texas. A solid course of action is to enlist a Midland solicitation attorney to get to work examining the facts of your case. Identifying weaknesses in the state’s arguments and mounting the vigorous legal defense you deserve. Therefore, contacting a reliable attorney will help. In conclusion, call today.