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Drug distribution entails providing, delivering, or selling controlled substances. Many times, you might be caught selling or distributing drugs to an undercover police officer. If you are found with large quantities of controlled substances, or paraphernalia like scales and baggies, law enforcement may assume that you intend to distribute drugs to other people to make a profit for yourself.

Although distributing drugs may not be as detrimental as manufacturing drugs, the consequences can still be harsh and life-changing if convicted of distributing controlled substances in the state of Texas. Many people in the drug dealing business are caught distributing illegal drugs in Texas every year, and those who are accused should contact a Midland drug distribution lawyer to help protect your rights and reputation, especially if they are innocent or mistaken for distributing controlled substances. Contact a skilled drug attorney that can work tirelessly to build your defense.

Proving a Drug Distribution Case in a Texas Court

Drug distribution laws in Texas require specific proof to yield a conviction to a defendant. For example, the prosecution must prove that the defendant possessed and maintained drugs with the specific intent to distribute drugs. A drug distribution attorney understands the law and can build an aggressive defense that may reduce the accused’s sentence or even dismiss the case if they are found innocent of the crime.

These days, law enforcement is increasing their efforts to arrest those involved in drug crimes. Many times, their methods of arresting the accused may include mistakes or missteps that can benefit a defendant’s case in court. A Midland drug distribution lawyer will closely examine the actions of law enforcement to see if the defendant’s constitutional and civil rights were violated in the arrest process. Therefore, will help one’s case against the prosecution.

Potential Consequences

A conviction for distributing drugs can have a negative and long-lasting impact on a person’s life. It may keep someone from getting certain jobs. One may experience the forfeiture of real estate. As well as personal property too.

Distributing drugs is most often charged as a felony in Texas. The punishment may include prison time, hefty fines, and long probation periods. Furthermore, if one is caught distributing drugs near a school or has a prior conviction, the punishment will be harsher.

The Texas Controlled Substance Act has established stiff penalties for all drug crimes including the distribution of controlled substances. Texas has some of the harshest penalties for drug crimes in the nation. In fact, a person could serve up to 99 years in prison if they commit certain drug crimes in Texas.

Contact a Midland Drug Distribution Attorney Today

If you are accused or under investigation for the distribution of drugs. Your life will be a tailspin and potentially out of control. The consequences may include many years behind bars and away from family and friends. Therefore, you need to contact a Midland drug distribution lawyer who can fight for you, protect your rights. And help you avoid many of the unpleasant consequences associated with a drug crime conviction.

Therefore, everyone deserves a fair trial and second chance at life. In conclusion, a Midland drug attorney will work hard to give you both.