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Drug trafficking, or the importation of controlled substances, has been a growing problem in the United States for many years. Drug trafficking cartels operating across the border have used Texas citizens to help smuggle drugs into the United States.

These drugs often include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. Individuals who get involved in these illegal drug trafficking organizations will face stiff penalties or imprisonment for their involvement.

In most cases, drug traffickers get caught, and the results are not pretty. If you are caught trafficking or distributing drugs in Texas, contact a Midland drug trafficking lawyer who can help you. Therefore, a distinguished drug attorney can work diligently to ensure that you receive a fair trial, and that your rights are protected.

Drug Trafficking Laws in Texas

In Texas, the Controlled Substances Act forbids manufacturing, trafficking. As well as possessing controlled substances with an intention to deliver drugs to another person.

When one is arrested for trafficking a controlled substance in the Lone Star State, they will be convicted under Texas state laws. The Controlled Substance Act is discussed in the Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 481.

However, if someone brings drugs across the United States border from Mexico with the intent to sell or distribute, they may face federal charges. Individuals who are caught bringing drugs into the United States from outside countries will be charged and convicted of a federal crime.

Moreover, it is a federal crime to transport drugs across state borders (interstate trafficking) with the intent to sell or distribute. The federal Controlled Substance Act explains federal drug trafficking offenses further.

Building a Defense

There are several different defenses a skillful Midland drug trafficking attorney can create to help explain an accused individual’s actions and motivations in a drug trafficking case, which may include:

  • The substances involved were not meant to be consumed by people
  • The controlled substances did not belong to the defendant
  • The controlled substances were not in possession of the defendant
  • Law enforcement did not have probable cause or legal authority to search the defendant
  • The defendant experienced entrapment by a confidential informant or undercover police officer
  • The substances were approved for a drug application under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

Potential Trafficking Penalties

Drug trafficking or distribution is a felony. Individuals who are caught with large amounts of drugs or money during an arrest may be charged with drug trafficking. In these cases, accused individuals need to hire a Midland drug trafficking lawyer. Therefore, who knows the law and defenses for drug trafficking charges.

The punishment for drug trafficking may vary depending on specific elements involved. Which may include the type of drug, number of drugs in possession, geographical location of the crime. Lastly, if minors were involved in the incident. Sentences for drug trafficking can last up to five years or life in prison.

Contacting a Midland Drug Trafficking Attorney

Being convicted of a federal drug trafficking offense may cause the accused to be denied a variety of federal benefits. Such as college loans, scholarships, or professional licenses to practice in certain fields. Furthermore, a person may lose their personal property, face stiff fines/restitution, and spend years in prison for drug trafficking.

As you can see, the consequences can be devastating for those convicted of this crime. If you are facing a drug trafficking offense you need to contact a Midland drug trafficking lawyer. Who can work to mitigate the penalties you may face.