Expert Witnesses in Midland DWI Cases

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In court, an expert witness may be called upon to give fair and impartial opinions on the evidence that is presented. There are certain qualifications someone has to meet in order to be considered an expert witness. Most of the time, the expert witness is going to have extensive education, training, and experience in a particular field. For more information about expert witnesses in Midland DWI cases, contact a seasoned defense lawyer.

Expert Witness Role in DWI Cases

Most of the time, expert witnesses in Midland DWI cases are going to be someone who is qualified to testify to the accuracy of a breath test. And if the sample the officer took is valid. An expert witness could be called upon to give their opinion on any blood tests that may have been taken. A lab technician may come in and testify to the process that they went through when conducting the blood test. And how to get the result. A nurse could be brought in to testify as to the proper procedure that was used to draw the blood. If there was medical treatment performed, then a doctor may be called on. Depending on the facts of the case, there may be other experts that could come in to testify.

Challenging Expert Claims

There are many different ways that a defense attorney can challenge the opinions of an expert witness. If there was a blood test taken, then the attorney could obtain the lab data, not just the result number. But also the underlying data from the test. The defendant’s lawyer may also have an expert that can do a lab audit or data audit. To determine if there were any potential issues or errors with the blood or breath testing.

The defense could also bring in there own expert witnesses to testify. A lawyer could call upon a forensic toxicologist to have an expert on the blood testing. They could also bring in a medical doctor to explain the circumstances as to why there would be a certain result with the blood or breath tests. A former police officer could also be used by the defense to testify about the problems with things such as field sobriety tests.

Reliability of Expert DWI Testimony

The weight of the expert’s testimony depends on the facts of the case. There are some cases where an expert may explain issues that are misleading or not scientifically validated. This is why cross-examination is so important. This gives the defense attorney an opportunity to refute the claims made by the expert witness. The defendant’s own expert witness could also explain to the jury why there were problems with the testimony made by the state’s witness.

Contacting an Attorney

Expert witnesses in Midland DWI cases are there to help explain to the jury the validity or the issues that each side is presenting as evidence. This is why it is crucial for someone facing a DUI charge, to contact an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can gather their own expert witnesses and prepare to refute the claims made by the prosecutors to help your case.