Midland County Jail Process Following a Midland DUI

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Midland County Jail

If you are facing the possibility of incarceration or jail time for driving under the influence, it can be critical to speak with an established DUI lawyer right away. An experienced attorney can help you prepare a defense case while considering the jail process following a Midland DUI.

What Happens after Someone is Booked for a DWI?

After someone is booked, they can set up one of the programs where they can put money on the phones that a person can call. The jail process following a Midland DUI typically begins with the accused being sent to a cell or a waiting area and, eventually, they will see the judge or magistrate who will set a bond amount. Someone can pay the entire bail at once or hire a bail bondsman who could post the bond amount and the person will get out of jail.

Likelihood of a Breath Test

As part of the potential jail process following a Midland DUI. Someone should expect a breath test request from law enforcement. If the individual consents to the breath test, it would happen in the Intoxilyzer at the jail.

What is the Common Jail Location Involved in DUI Cases?

Anyone who is arrested in Midland County will end up at the County Jail or Detention Center. It does not matter if it is an arrest from Midland; it can be from any police officer. The Department of Public Safety, or anyone else. When someone is arrested or taken into the jail, the first thing they have to go through is booking. That is a process where the jail staff will get the information from the officer on what the charges are against the person who is in jail. They want to get all the identifiers. That is where they take the picture, thumbprints, video visitation and things like that.

Medical Resources in DWI Midland Jails

The Midland jail has a basic infirmary if someone is actually hurt in jail or needs medical treatment. They have a nurse. They certainly have access to a doctor who, if necessary, would come out to the jail.

It depends when that determination is made. If the person is hurt in a car wreck or in a DUI. Then typically if they are in bad shape, the police will take them to the hospital. If they are well enough to go to the jail, then they will be treated by the jail medical staff.

Jail-Related Penalties

The range of punishment on a first offense DUI or DWI that does not have a blood concentration or breath over a 0.15 is a Class B misdemeanor and that means the range of punishment is no less than three days up to 180 days in county jail, and all of that can be probated.

Having a child in the car during a DUI is considered a state jail felony. The consequences associated with this offense can be a minimum of up to 180 days in jail. Up to two years in the state jail facility. If a person has two prior DUIs, that is charged as a felony.

For three driving under the influence offenses an individual faces no less than two or not more than ten in the Texas Department of Correction. Therefore it can be critical for you to understand the potential jail process following a Midland DUI and your role after your arrest.