Pretrial Release and Bond for Midland DUI Arrests

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A bond allows an arrested person to be released from jail until the completion of their case. A person must pay off the bond to be released from jail. A third party could also pay the bond on behalf of the arrested person. Speak with a skilled attorney to learn more about the pretrial release and bond for Midland DUI arrests.

Determining a DUI Bond Amount

Most of the time, it is a magistrate who determines the pretrial release and bond for Midland DWI arrests. A magistrate or judge has to look at the case, look at the police report, and first determine that there is probable cause for the arrest. If there is no probable cause, that does not mean that the case will not get filed later on, but it does mean that if the magistrate finds no probable cause to arrest, that they could release the person just because the case was being filed. If they do find that there is a reasonable probability that the client committed a DUI, then most judges may look at the case, the facts, and then set the bond.

Posting Bond

A person could post a cash bond. A relative or somebody goes down to the sheriff’s office or the county jail with the full face amount of the bond. A person can post it as far as through a surety, so a person pays lesser money to the surety, to the bonding company, and then they guarantee that bigger bond of $45,000.00.

A bond is a time process. This process usually consists of the court establishing an appropriate bond followed by the friends and/or family members of the arrested posting the bail. The bond has to be accepted and then, at that time, the individual arrested should start going through the booking out process.

Pretrial Release

The pretrial release has more conditions than a bond in order to be released from jail. There may not be a financial condition bond, but they may have to do certain things. Maybe they cannot operate a vehicle without an interlock in their car. Maybe they have to take random UAs. The pretrial department will supervise it and make sure that people who are on pretrial release are doing a good job of upholding their end of the established deal. Breaking a pretrial release is not breaking the law. However, if the person does not comply. Then the state can always forfeit the pretrial release and take the person back to jail.

Upon being released, a person will be given back whatever they on them at the time of their arrest. This includes all jewelry, documents, clothes, etc. Speak with an attorney to learn more about pretrial release and bond for Midland DUI arrests.

Hiring an Experienced Midland DUI Attorney

A Midland DUI attorney may be inclined to start their own investigation. There may be evidence on the street. There may be videotapes from the police barring the body cameras of police officers. But maybe other security cameras if necessary. And, certainly, there may be witnesses we need to talk to quickly after the case starts.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, it may be in your best interest to consult with an attorney. A DUI lawyer may be able to provide you with more information about pretrial release. And bond for Midland DUI arrests.

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