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Being accused of committing fraud can be an upsetting charge to face. It is an allegation that can follow you throughout your life.

The charge can have difficult consequences, such as making it hard to find gainful employment. As well as damaging your reputation in both your personal and professional life. This does not even include the penalties the law may impose, such as fines or jail time.

An Amarillo fraud lawyer can provide you with a better understanding of the laws in Texas regarding fraud. Furthermore, if you need it, a skilled lawyer can help you fight this accusation in court.


Fraud is such an extensive topic that there is an entire chapter dedicated to it in Texas’s penal code. There are several different kinds of fraud that are criminal. A person should be aware of the different types and consequences of each one. Contact an Amarillo fraud lawyer for more information.


The first type of fraud is forgery, which is a class A misdemeanor. However, when there is a forgery of a deed, will, credit card, check, money, postage, government record or against an elderly person, it is a felony crime.

Generally, a person has committed forgery when they alter or create writing with the intent to harm or defraud someone. There are several different types of forgery. So it is best to speak with an Amarillo fraud lawyer to determine if an act falls under this category.

Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse

The next category of fraud is misusing a credit or debit card. This is a felony crime and if the other party is an elderly person, it is a third-degree felony.

Typically, an individual commits this crime when they use a credit or debit card that they know is not their own without the owner’s permission. Or use a card that they know is not working or is not legitimate.

It is also a crime to use fake information or lie to obtain a card. Since there are many variations of this crime, individuals should speak with an Amarillo fraud lawyer to see if any behavior fits this section.

Other Deceptive Practices

This part of the law is a combination of many different situations that are considered criminally fraudulent. Section 32.41 makes it a crime to write or pass a bad check. People are presumed to know that their account does not have sufficient funds, so it will be on an individual’s lawyer to fight this presumption.

The next section details deceptive business practices. This includes contests that lie about a person’s chance of winning or lie about the type of prizes provided. It also covers businesses that mislabel their product, lies about the quantity of the product. Advertises about goods as though they are some other type of good or brand, or selling adulterated materials.

Lastly, it is against the law to make false claims about having a degree in order to get a job, professional license, or to promote a business.

Talk to an Amarillo Fraud Attorney Today

There are several other categories in this very large, extensive chapter of fraud. This is why it is especially important to speak with an Amarillo fraud lawyer who can help you navigate your finances.  As well as how you present yourself so that you can avoid any situations that can be considered fraudulent.

There are many ways this law can be violated. An Amarillo fraud lawyer can help you understand exactly what the law is about.