Initial Consultation with a Lubbock Drug Attorney

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If you have been charged with a drug offense, you should reach out to a lawyer right away. During your initial consultation with a Lubbock drug attorney. The lawyer could review your case, determine defense strategies, and inform you of your legal options. Call a dedicated drug lawyer today and schedule your appointment with a well-versed legal professional.

Information that Should be Shared with the Lawyer

When someone comes into the office for the initial consultation with a Lubbock drug attorney. It is imperative to bring all information related to the case. It is ideal to start the consultation with an outline of what happened in the case and the defendant’s side of the story. If the individual was given anything by the police. Such as a search warrant or ticket, they should bring it with them.

When a lawyer is sitting down with a defendant for the first time, they will want to pick their brain. An attorney wants to know everything related to the case to see if there are any arrests or constitutional issues. Also, a lawyer could see what crucial evidence could be available and where to begin when building a drug defense.

Advice an Attorney will Give to the Defendant During a Consultation

At the consultation, the lawyer will give specific advice the defendant should follow. The first thing the defendant should do is stop talking about the case with people other than their lawyer. The accused should not talk to law enforcement or the district attorney regarding the case. The defense lawyer could talk to them on their behalf to ensure their rights are being protected. It is important to understand the benefits of attorney-client privilege. Attorney-client-privilege protects the defendant throughout the case. The defendant should not talk about the case with family or friends and should never put anything on social media regarding the drug case. Doing so, can create numerous issues with the person’s case.

In a drug case, it is imperative to see if there are any options for mitigation. For instance, if the defendant is struggling with an addiction, they should seek rehabilitation treatment. Their defense lawyer could help set this up during a consultation.

Contacting a Lubbock Lawyer About an Initial Consultation for Drug Charges

A person who has been arrested for a drug offense should call an attorney as soon as possible. They could look up our information on the internet. After contacting us, we can set up a time for your initial consultation with a Lubbock drug attorney. Whatever works best for the defendant, works best for us. We also have someone on call 24-7.