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In Lubbock, there are a handful of charges associated with drug trafficking. There is simple possession, possession of a controlled substances. Possession with the intent to deliver, and possession with the intent to manufacture. Most drug trafficking laws will concern one of those four underlying charges.

If you have been charged with such a crime, it is pertinent that you consult with a knowledgeable drug lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced Lubbock drug trafficking attorney will be able to understand the elements of the charge, and build a defense to help produce a successful outcome on behalf of their client.

Endangering Others

There are both mitigation issues and issues that can create more punishment when charging an individual with drug trafficking. If someone is hurt as a result of a trafficking offense, it increases the likelihood that a judge or a jury will give an individual more jail time. Also, if it falls under one of the predefined notions, such as a minor or an elderly person is hurt, an individual’s penalties can be enhanced. To defend against such consequences, it is imperative that an individual consults with a qualified Lubbock drug trafficking lawyer as soon as possible.

Jurisdictional Borders

Within the state of Texas, a person can be charged in either federal court or state court. However, by definition, there are many fewer federal cases than there are state cases. Those federal cases involve the movement of large amounts of drugs, often over the border of Mexico into the United States. These often involve members of the cartel. Any drug that is covered under a schedule dictated by the US government can be charged on either a state or federal level.

However, the federal cases are often few and far between. Almost every other case is going to be a state case, and can be defended by a Lubbock trafficking lawyer.

Severity of the Drug Charge

Law enforcement in Lubbock do many things to prosecute those that are charged with drug trafficking. They have their own narcotics task force, which is a section of the Lubbock Police Department. The Lubbock Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Safety also deal specifically with narcotic sales. Many law enforcement agencies have their own undercover officers as well.

Because of the dedication they put into cracking down on drug trafficking. Law enforcement is very aggressive in many of these cases when they actually charge somebody with the crime.

Multiple Defendants

There are many cases where there are multiple people who are in the possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver them. There may be instances where one of the individuals is a big time player. The other may have simply gotten caught up in the act and did not know the extent of their actions.

An individual should look at the facts of the case, the reasons for the stop, and similar elements. Then, one must look at each person individually to see where they fit in the broad spectrum of the crime. A Lubbock drug trafficking attorney can then determine what can be done to help that particular person.

Contacting an Attorney

As soon as a person believes that law enforcement is involved, they should contact a Lubbock drug trafficking attorney. They will need to make decisions fairly quickly, even if the person has not yet been arrested. An experienced drug trafficking lawyer in Lubbock will know how to deal with the charge. And what needs to be done to help produce a successful outcome.